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Rajasthan Tour Packages Reveals Mysterious Unconquered Fortresses

Entrancing Rajasthan has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous royal lineage and proudly exhibits there dominion over different ages. Rajputs not only ruled the most out of ordinary terrain of Rajasthan but also contributed brilliantly to its affluent heritage.

Rajput clans who ruled from time to time this most glamorous land of unusual desert beauty has left behind an elegant legacy which can be witnessed amidst its stunning fortresses, spectacular palaces, fascinating cultures and mouth watering cuisines. Rajasthan can be truly experienced amidst its forts with every fort narrating different stories.

The celebrated land of Rajasthan is a domicile to world renowned fortresses known as Amber fort, Chittorgarh fort, Jaisalmer fort and Nahargarh fort. These garrisons are a personification of Rajput architectural style, sculptures, arts and history.

Amber fort: – This crown of Rajasthan bastions is a unique exemplification of Indo-Islamic architectural designs overlooking the Moata Lake perfectly depicts the stories of ancient majestic aura. This structural wonder was built with white and red sandstone symbolizes the heroism of the brave Rajputs. The major attractions of Amber fort are Kali Temple, Diwan-i-Aam, Ganesha Idol, and Sheesh Mahal.

Chittorgarh fort: -This enamoring structure is the largest fort in India and its striking grandeur has inspired the imaginations of writers as well as painters for many decades. The other tourist’s attractions of Chittorgarh are Gaumukh reservoir, Sammidheshwara Temple, Bhimtal Tank, Meera Temple, Fateh Prakash Palace, Kumbha Shyam Temple, Neelkanth Mahadev Temple and Kalika Mata Temple.

Jaisalmer fort: – This castle known as Golden fort was built in 1156 AD by Rawal Jaisal a Rajput King has witnessed many centuries and wars as it stands strong in the midst of golden sands of great Indian Thar desert. The main traveler’s attractions of Jaisalmer fortification are 4 massive gateways, Raj Mahal (Royal palace), Laxminath temple and Jain temples.

Nahargarh fort: – Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II built this castle to support the security of Amber fort and Jaipur. The legend states that this fort was named after the Prince Nahar whose spirit haunted the garrison construction and agreed to leave on a condition that the fort should be named after him.

Rajasthan since time immemorial have been the most protective abode of some mysterious forts which perfectly depicts the timeless valor of graceful Rajputs. Enchanting Rajasthan Tour packages is the best way to discover the myths and legends of fortress

These packages give an exceptional opportunity to unfold the mystery of the unconquered forts.