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India Rural Tourism- Narhet Village Tour

A plethora of tour operators is striving hard to get hold over maximum number of tourists and travelers from round the world. While a trip to India, most of the visitors prefer to visit remains of erstwhile era, forts, palaces and other monuments showcasing architectural marvels. Most of the visitors wish to explore the rural rustic India, where they can feel and experience the truest form of nature. Unfortunately, these are diverted to underprivileged villages, showing the poor. Eventually, the picture of rural India in global perception is deprived. Transformations nowadays are being made considering the influx of worldwide travelers visiting the villages. One such accomplishment is visible in a village called -Narhet’. The village is being developed and promoted by Jaipur Rural Tours (JRT), which is a new venture of Jaipur Rugs Company. JRT has marked its presence in tourism industry, the tour packages offered by the company emphasize on visitors being part of rustic culture. The set up facilitates the guests to smudge their hands in mud for making pots, try some knots on loom for making carpets and make some baskets. Villagers are great people to work with, full of zeal and gusto, their warm welcome is quite appreciable and Rajputana culture is exemplary. Legends speak about the mysterious history of the Narhet village, rural tour package by JRT. The story goes back to almost 500 years, a King’s adamant wish to marry a princess turned to be trouble for her family. It is said that the name comes from the same saga, the name Narhet comprises of two Hindi terms. -Nar’ in Hindi means man and -het’ is stubbornness. He succeeded, married his love and the village got its name after his persistence. Village is all set to welcome and entertain guests from overseas. The itinerary is planned in a manner that one can relish the entire trip with great enthusiasm. The itinerary is mentioned below: A traditional welcome on arrival pleases the soul, where attractively dresses rural ladies apply vermilion tikka and greet with flower garlands, with the echoes of Hindu hyms. The trip continues with folk music symphony following a camel cart ride covering all spots with many entertaining activities lined up. Spectate the architecture, and afterwards, please your taste buds with rich spicy eatables prepared on charcoal chulha’s in front of your eyes. One can try some mehndi art, along with tea and than a performance that brings the sun down. It’s the time to say good bye, with loving memories in your heart and traditional tattoos on your palm. The experience is definitely one of a kind, rejuvenates completely, setting you apart from the mundane routine of gadgets and technology. Wish to book a trip, click on