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A Tour Of Spain

A tour of Spain is not as simple as it looks. The itinerary has to be very well planned. Many tour operators are available to guide the tourist. However some tips are offered here so that one can plan his tour most effectively.

Where do you want to spend your holiday?

Some tourists want to spend their holiday in the midst of nature. It could be on the beach or on the top of a hill or mountain or in a reserve forest. Some would prefer visiting some of the historical places. This is important because Spain has so many places that a tourist would be certainly at a loss to decide where to go and what to see. So based on the preferences of the visitor, the itinerary could be finalized.

If one prefers to spend his time near the beach?

Spain has a long coastline of the Mediterranean Sea covering an area of over 250 kilometers. As a matter of fact some of the Hollywood films are filmed on the coast of Spain which speaks of its popularity. The beaches are immaculately clean and perfectly maintained. One can enjoy many water sports and adventure sports like deep sea diving. For example coasts of Costa Blanca, Malaga and Costa del Sol, Madrid are some of the most popular beaches in the world. Many villas and apartments are available along these coasts so that the tourist can be assured of luxurious stay and affordable rates and his holiday would be memorable.

How about hill stations?

There are many hill stations in Spain. Interestingly many of the hills run parallel to the beach. So the visitor can enjoy the beauty of the roaring sea from the top of a hill. On the other hand, those who are on the beach would enjoy the beauty of the majestic mountains staring at the sea. On the top of these mountains are some villages where the tourist can enjoy some of the popular local recipes. Many villas are available on these mountains.

Places of historical importance:

These are available in plenty. Just one piece of information will justify this statement. According to a survey made, there were about 10000 historical buildings like churches, cathedrals and castles which were built centuries ago. Of these, about 2500 structures have been preserved by the government. The rest have either become dilapidated or crumbled due to passage of time.

So plan your visit and take the help of professional tour operators in Spain.