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San Francisco-based World Golf Tour (WGT) has tapped into the game’s increasing popularity to launch an easily accessible and affordable online Flash game, golf experience.Golf Training

By signing up for free WGT players are able to battle it out from the comfort of their own home without even having to go through a download, so even when the weather’s bad, golf fans can get their fix and still grab the bragging rights.

Although not in the same league as EA’s Tiger Woods, WGT players can enjoy multi-player sessions complete with detailed statistics. Better still, members can enter tournaments to win cash prizes and virtual goods prizes such as new clubs and clothing, which can then be used to customise individual profiles.Golf Star

To create this exciting new game, WGT’s development team headed to the famous Kiawah Island Golf Resort, scene of the highly-charged Ryder Cup of 1991, to take geo-tagged photographs spanning the entire course.Civilians Sports

Then, using technology similar to Google Earth, the team created a full featured Flash game with 3D graphics, aimed at providing golf fans with a cheaper alternative to console-based products. And with such fun only a click of the button away, World Golf Tour looks set to attract millions more fans yet still.