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Knowing Ancient Egyptian Personalities Through A Meditation Tour

Meditation is the spiritual way to discover the preserved power that exists inside every human being and how to develop it. It’s an unbelievable sensation and high degrees of feelings which allow you in your daily life getting a different visualization than usual that most of you is missing these days. The degree of power varies from person to person. By gaining internal peace, we will gain everything else. Scientifically this detail can be realized wholly in the presence of the three important factors, which are: –


The ancient Egyptians have selected the best enchanted power places to build on it with a very special aspect as the great Pyramid of Giza and different temples situated in other parts of Egypt. That full magical place of power helps the human being to grow their inner peace and to get full of it.


Logically through the size of the great Pyramid of Giza, a certain degree of energy is formed inside the pyramid which affects directly the preserved unseen cyanotic energy that exists in all human being and acquiring the full curative power.

You can learn to move through life in perfect harmony with the universe. To accomplish this, we look to our ancestors in ancient Egypt. They display certain habitual patterns that send massages of curing and power to anyone open enough to discover lessons on how to live. Their treasured gifts of true medication are absolutely free.

meditation tour in Egypt is organized in a very systematic way to ensure that you get the best out of it. This is a 5 days tour, where you will be exploring different aspects of meditation.

Tour Details

1ST Day You will arrive at Cairo Airport where you will be attended and transferred to a hotel. You spend the entire night there.

2nd Day Preparation starts for the meditation sessions. You will be offered breakfast at hotel and then you will proceed for towards Egyptian Museum. You will be accompanied by a tour guide. In the evening you will go through a session of Hydrotherapy treatments.

3rd Day On the third day if the tour you will have a meditation session at Sakara. You will undergo a meditation session in the temple of King Ounas. Then you will be served lunch followed by another session of meditation inside the pyramid of Giza.

4th Day You make a journey to Luxor. You check in to your hotel, relax for the entire day.

5th Day You will be served an early morning breakfast, followed by a meditation session at the Luxor Temple; you will have your pure vegetarian lunch. Back to hotel.

6th Day This is your final day. You would fly back to Cairo and youre your tour ends.

This experience is going to change the way you look at yourself and your life. You are certainly going to cherish the meditation tour in Egypt for the rest of your life.